Property Valuers Rituals You Should Know In 2016

Coast in the sunshine guys talk about livability school and the livability you know toff houses the livability test tenfold these are beautiful locations so if Ivan get a really strong income by working in the hospital there and all working in medical services or retirement services or or financial services and do that type of work and take home that money then it’s about studying.

where all of those wealthier people are residing because they want Tobe close to each other and next to each other and there’s still a lot of generational money that’s coming from the Melbourne and the Sydney or buying up in the noose Knoxville those types of it all of that takes shape so you canteen sort of say there are potentially times that you get into those markets because there’s immediate short-term uplift and by shorts and we are usually talking next months that we will see price growth in those areas based.

on the supply and demand Melbourne Property Valuers research that we do every every lifestyle location including the ones you just talked about being upland down the east coast of Australia will see significant population increase over the next years significant so if you buy the right location in those regions you’re going to do very well Think I was a really good point Bournemouth thing Benton is that despite the fact from to for this exercise there’s been so many external events that have happened in this still perform young it’s the important.

point because we’ve got to be a feedback from last week’s podcast that it was it was an interesting one because we pretty much gave a reality check to a lot of people yeah in that don’t compromise on location and if your cash flow doesn’t allow it right now don’t invest yeah butte flip side of that was if you buy the right locations and your cash flow can work you’re still looking really sweet.

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